Crannk review: Against I – Destruction Lullaby, album of the year?

Well, at least this far into the year of 2024! Against I is a blackend melodic death metal band from Sweden with hints of industrial metal. They just released a new (long) EP called “Destruction Lullaby”. I don’t know if you can call a record with seven songs for an EP, but since it’s only 27 minutes long, I can get along with that.

The album starts with Dark Devine, a song that quickly shows why this is blackend music. My first thought is actually melodic black metal a la Dimmu Borgir kind of influences. Had to go back to listen to some old Dimmu, and realised that, yes there are influences, but maybe more so of Satyricon actually. Never mind, Dark Devine is a great album starter!

Next up is my favourite song, “World in ruin”! A really melodic and chugging song with a great chorus. A really industrial song actually. This could actually be the best song of the year so far! The chorus is so catchy! AMAZING! Love this! Actually, I almost think that they could have finished the album with this song, because it doesn’t get any better. I was ready to end my review here, but lucky for you and me I didn’t!

But I won’t get into every song, that’s too much text for me. But I will say this, this album is fantastic, every song is great! The composition of every song is amazing. You can tell that, even if this is only their second album, it is tight and great musicians that have found their way to create great music!

Except for “World in ruin” that is my top song, every other song gives me the goosebumps! The title song “Destruction Lullaby” is amazing, and it really sounds destructive!

To summarise, to this date, June first, this is my favourite album of the year! Kicking ass, beating bands like Judas Priest, Pain, Kerry King etc. 

Here is the album on Spotify:


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