Crannk review Bürner – Baptized in Gasoline

Well the title of the album says it all with this “new” band from Sweden. I say “new” in the sense that it’s a rather new band, but the members are, well not new, but about 50 years old.

A bunch of guys that had persuade the dream of releasing an album. And man, they do deliver! They truly are Baptized in Gasoline! And maybe some whiskey-drenched Motörhead.

I’m trying hard to find other influences, but every song I hear is an interpretation of Motörhead! Of course you can find other bands, but when ever I listen to the album I always hear Motörhead. Especially in the song ” Kill You ‘Till You’re Dead” that starts almost with the riff from Ace of Spades, and then continues to be almost lite a tribute to ” Killed by Death”.

I really love this album! It is old school rock n’ roll music with great musicians and great vocals. It’s the music that you hear in your garage, smell of gasoline and tattoos! I’ve been listening to it for a couple of months now, and it only gets better and better! A killer album!

Kill you till you’re dead: (Spotify-link after)


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