CRANNK reviews Pretty Wild and the album “Interstate 13”

Release date: May 31
Label: Black Lodge Records

The pressrelease states that “What defines Pretty Wild is their heavy melodic sound and well-crafted songs.

And it’s hard not to agree with that statement. Pretty Wild is a kind of fresh 80:s hardrock combined with glam/sleeze and catchy melodies. A sort of more nice type of Mötley Crue type of music. The nicer part of the album becomes very obvious in songs like “Give it all tonight” and “The way I am“, very melodic, but still very much head-banger-friendly and easy to listen to. Just because it’s a bit soft it doesn’t have to be bad.

Pretty Wild is a Malmö/Stockholm based glam/sleeze rock band from Sweden with the folowing line-up:
Vocals: Ivan Ivve Höglund
Guitar: Axl Ludwig
Bass: Kim Chevelle
Drums: Johnny Benson

Back to the album: I really love that sweet feeling I get in the song “I love it“. It’s defenitly a sleeze song, but with a twist, and I really love this cool song where they make a really good mix of fresh sleeze and the root to all of our music of choice. It’s an amazing mix of sleeze and good ol’ fashioned rock n’ roll in this one!

The mandatory slow song is of course here as well, but on this album we get two of them. “Wild and free” and “Thanks to you“, where the first one sounds OK to me. “Thanks to you” is a bit too slow for me. Could have left that one out. But it’s an OK slow song, but I really don’t like slow songs. So that’s my bad.

Favourite tracks: I really like “Ment for trouble“, a catchy rock-song, with a lot of cool riffs. “Stand my ground” is another song that comes to mind. Impossible not to bang your head little during this one.

I think that it’s a pretty great heavy rock album. Not so much metal, but heavy, melodic and catchy sleeze-kind of music. And I really like the vocals from Ivan Ivve Höglund! Great musicians, and they really knows how to make all the pieces fit togetheter. It might have been one too many slow song on the album. But the album contains 12 songs, and I only object to one.

You should really check it out.
You can find them here:
Facebook: Pretty Wild
Spotify: Pretty Wild

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