Crannk review: rEvolve – Legalize Nuclear Bombs

rEvolve is a new old school death / thrash metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. With new I really mean new. They started last year and now they have released their first EP, called Legalize Nuclear Bombs.

It kicks of with with “Devoted to the stars” that is a real hard hitting death metal headbanger. The start of the song is like listen to an intro from Iron Maiden, but the the song really starts and I really get the feeling of Entombed. When the song evoleves it’s classic heavy metal/thrash. But the breakdown in the end is really epic!

Continues with “Reapers Tracks” that kind of remind me of some Testament albums from the “Demonic”- album from 1997.

Actually, all of the songs from this EP reminds me of old Testament. It’s a lot of riffs, hard hitting drums and nice growls. And I really like it!

The last song of the EP is “At the shores… of Samarkand”, a 12 minutes song that is really epic heavy metal. It’s like listening to old Maiden or old Helloween, but with a thrash / death touch. I fucking love it! I am a sucker for long songs, that’s one reason I love Iron Maiden.

I have to say, this band might have a big future! They have a new sound that I haven’t heard before. With some fine-tuning this will be great.

rEvolve is:



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