Crannk Reviews All Hope Remains – “Feel The Fire” EP

On the 29th of January 2019 I reviewed a single called “Hit Rewind” by All Hope Remains, a 3 piece melodic skate punk band from the surfcoast of Victoria. The single was lifted from their EP Feel The Fire which came out on the 22nd of March. 
The new EP has 8 tracks in total and the band has released two of those tracks as singles in the lead up to the EP, if you’ve been following them you will already be familiar with track 6 “Hit Rewind” and track 7 “Unescapable” released towards the end of February. 

The only unexpected track on the EP is the opening track “Prelude” which is a stunningly beautiful piece of guitar playing but not at all what fans will expect, this track is like the calm before the storm. 
In short this EP is everything fans have come to expect from the band, the songs all feel individual but contain all the elements fans consider part of the bands sound. The incredible drum beats, fast riffs, power chords, lyrics with meaning and clean vocals with emotion. 
My favourite song on the EP is track 4 “Solitude” this one is a real musical journey as it goes hard and fast to break down slighty slowing before speeding off to the end and lyrically its amazing

All Hope Remains is 
Gilly – vocals/bass
Tones – drums/vocals
Burlo – guitar/vocals




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