Crannk Reviews-Amon Amarth Latest SIngle “Put Your Back Into The Oar”

We have been waiting for their return for three years. watching the horizion dutifully , the plague didn't stop them and neither did it slow them down and now they are back and they have brought with them the heavy metal stylings of 80's glam metal  and the brutality of Swedish metal with their newly released single "Put Your Back Into The Oar". transport yourself back to the middle ages and prepare yourself for war. From the moment this track begins you will feel like you are there. aboard the viking long ships, salty spray in your face rowing your way to the new world, this newly realeased single is melodic and hypnotising from start to finish and if played on a loop it almost has no end or start like the great beast Jörmungandr. 
If this is the first single to be released from the upcoming album (although there is no word yet as to whether or not there is a new album coming and this may just be a trick from Loki) and judging by Amon Armarth's previous conquests such as "Deceiver of the Gods" released in 2013, where I had the pleasure, Nay! the privilege to see these gods among men take the stage aboard their miniature viking longship and rock the stage like the godly beserkers they are, it is safe to say that I have my own viking long ship in my pants right now in anticipation for this album. this track like most of Amon Armarth's music is true to their viking roots and is perfect for getting those reps or keeping pace on a run. this song will get you pumped and keep you there, ready to battle whatever task is ahead of you (even if its only doing the dishes ). if after listening to this song  you are not citing your deep hatered for the franks and screaming praise for odin then you have not listened well enough and deserve to be blood eagled.  so scull your ale, hail odin and "put your back into the oar" the Valkyrie's come for us tonight . Skoll.
"Put Your Back Into The Oar"- Amon Armarth 2022
 Written and Reviewed by : Troy "Trouble" Webb. 

Amon Amarth’s official music video for “Put Your Back Into The Oar.” Put Your Back Into The Oar available now: Subscribe: Follow Amon Amarth:


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