Crannk Reviews Apprehension Avenue – “The Forgotten West” EP

Apprehension Avenue are a 3 piece punk rock band from Western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
The band released a new six track EP titled The Forgotten West on the 10th of August 2019
Blue Collar is a classic punk song with a simple four chord progression on guitar with a focus on how the chord is played adding depth through palm muting or letting it ring out. The song starts off at full speed with everyone playing and even some “hey hey hey” parts from the vocalist. Its the usual verse/chorus stuff with a breakdown/bridge part and a small guitar solo which is melodic but not super fast. This is the shortest track on the EP but it feels like they crammed everything they could into it. 
Burning Bridges this song was released in the form of a music video on the 21st of July 2019 and I’ve already reviewed it (Link)

Living The Lie has a great string intro that features both the bass and guitar, leading into a pop punk riffy bit. When the vocals join in the guitar switches to power chords that are palm muted through the verse parts of the song and adds a build up energy before the chorus parts. The bass fill at around the three minute mark is incredible, shortly after the song ends by slowing and fading guitar, bass and finally drums. 
Simple Life has a real pop punk vibe intro, fast paced drums and a  leady/riffy guitar part that starts slow but then speeds up. The bass in this song does a great job and the guitar changes to distorted power chords which are palm muted at some points. The singing style reminds me of many of the 90’s punk bands both in tone and pattern/melody. There are some parts where backup vocals add some extra depth to the song. 
Sunburnt Skin starting off with a guitar and vocals, this song feels a little lacking in energy at the start but the guitar playing on this track has a bit of everything before the end of the song which is full energy and full speed by the end and has some familiar “Whoa” parts near the end. 
Please Don’t Pray for Me has a drum intro with the others joining in fairly quickly one at a time. There is stop/start parts bridging the gap between the verse and chorus with drum and bass adding a bit of flair before the guitar does a pick slide. The chorus parts are typical punk chorus parts with speed and distorted power chords before a riffy part leading back into the verse. Everyone plays to the last beat is how this one ends.
You can catch the band live at one of these upcoming shows

27/09/2019 Wavy at The Lord Gladstone with Whispering Jackie and Victory Nap Event Link

6/10/2019 Punk Rock Grand Final Party at Gosford Punk Factory with The Decline, Nerdlinger, Hack The Mainframe and No Quarter Event Link

18/10/2019 Punk Rock At The Mosh Pit with No Quarter, Last and This Time Only Event Link

Apprehension Avenue is Jamie – bass/vocals Tim – drums Mark – guitar
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Triple J Unearthed Link


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