Crannk reviews Armadillo King – Deadwood Rye

My friend Henning Ejnefjäll a.k.a. Armadillo King is back with the new single “Deadwood Rye”. A song that sounds more like Grave of Fools than Borrowed Time, meaning that this a slower song and with a western feeling of it. But you can hear that it’s a Armadillo song, with Hennings characteristic voice, and again with a chorus that you remember. A really good song, and I can’t hardly wait until next single is out!

An interesting twist with this single is that there is like B-side as well. We have the opportunity to listen to the song when the band rehearsed it. It is the same song, but there is a new dimension to it with all the other instruments. It kind of loses the western-theme and becomes more americana-style.

I think that I prefer the original song, but I haven’t made my mind up yet. Anywho, the song Deadwood Rye is truly great!

You can find both versions of the song on Spotify here!

And here’s the really cool video!


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