Crannk Reviews- Backstabber “Conspiracy Theorist”

Backstabber are a Death/Thrash metal trio out from Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada. Backstabber will be releasing their Debut album “Conspiracy Theorist” upon the world on February 15, 2019. “Conspiracy Theorist has a real face crushing,devastatingly great death/thrash metal feel to it but also with the instrumentals of The Hum and Conspiracy Theorist for me added moments of introspection and beauty to this album that made it feel more rounded and mature.

Here is what vocalist/guitarist Christian M. Thériault said about the album
“‘Conspiracy Theorist’ is an album that’s meant to open your mind about the way the world revolves around us as it offers a new perspective on many issues that we see in our lives.” 

Backstabber have put out a really great album in “Conspiracy Theorist” that I feel fans of Death and Thrash will really enjoy. Do yourself a favour and Crannk Up Backstabber.\m/ Due out Feb 15th 2019\m/

Christian M. Theriault – Guitars & Vocals
Eric Seguin – Bass
Patrick Gagne – Drums

“Conspiracy Theorist” will be available worldwide as of February 15th, 2019 through Bandcamp and iTunes.

\m/ Jai That Aussie Metal Guy and Crannk \m/


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