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Bad Religion has a discography spanning decades and have been my favourite American punk band since I first heard them in the 90’s. I never left a record store without looking for a Bad Religion Cd and I never had to wait long for a new release cause this band had something new out every year back then.This has been the longest gap between studio albums in the bands decades long career. The last studio album was “True North” which was released back in January 2013.
Apart from the big gap between releases this album is the first album to feature guitarist Mike Dimkich, who replaces Greg Heston and drummer Jamie Miller, who replaces Brooks Wackerman. New members have only ever added an extra spark to the bands sound rather than take something away from the music fans have come to expect this band to write. 
The other thing about this album is the producer is Carlos de la Garza, the band have worked with Joe Barresi almost exclusively since their 2004 release “The Empire Strikes First” 
The band released 3 songs from the album as singles which turned out to be the first 3 songs on the album.
My Sanity” 13/11/2018″Chaos from Within” 26/02/2019″Do The Paranoid Style” 26/03/2019
The new album “Age Of Unreason” was released by Epitaph  Records on the 3rd of May 2019 it has a total of 14 tracks and a run time of just over 33 minutes. It features a few classic rock or rock n roll heavy tracks and made me want to draw comparisons to the late 90’s albums “The Gray Race” and “No Substance
Although I have listened multiple times now and still don’t want to skip any tracks, some songs are worth talking a little more about.
Lose Your Head” is the softest piece of music on the album and lacks the pace fans are used to but its well written classic rock.
Age of Unreason” has all the classic elements of a Bad Religion song, fast drums with distorted power chords, melodic lead guitar licks, vocal harmonies and politically charged lyrics.
Candidate” starts off just some clean guitar chords strummed and a lone vocal track but near the 20 second mark becomes distorted power chords and vocal harmonies. 
Faces of Grief” feels like a hardcore punk song with the vocal style and musical elements of the genre. 
Big Black Dog” has a great guitar riff which gives it a classic rock vibe and the guitar solo fits perfectly. 
Since Now” is a standout track, its so well crafted and written.

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Bad Religion is Greg Graffin – lead vocals Brett Gurewitz – guitar Brian Baker – guitar Mike Dimkich – guitar Jay Bentley – bass Jamie Miller – drums

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