Crannk Reviews Binge Drinker “Street Cans”

I am talking about an old album that came out a couple of years ago now but well worth checking out Street Cans from Binge Drinker hailing out of London describing themselves as crust and roll they have a real unique sound kinda like if King Parrot and Mayhem had a punk/metal child and named it Binge Drinker.Whatever you’d class Binge Drinker as I absolutely have been crannking the hell outta this album.Binge Drinker are a band that don’t take themselves to seriously the songs on this album are heavy but have a lightness to the lyrics which make it not an overly dark album. This album is available on bandcamp as a pay what you like.

The first track Lord Humungus starts with “I’ll talk to this Humungus he’s a reasonable man” well Lord Humungus rules the wasteland so fuck you just get down with it proclaims Binge Drinker and I am down.

Binge Drinker continues with the next few tracks Drown It Out,Binge Hole, Just Take which all have that grindy,punky metal sound which is so freaking good.Mountains Of Skulls,Rivers Of Blood is the longest track on the album and goes a little more doomy.Shitpocalypse (BTW a great name for a song)picks back up that fast grindy punk metal sound and leads into the last couple of tracks on Street Cans and my favourite two track off Street Cans the first “Antisocial Media” is about how Antisocial Some of this social media can be and has been.And the last track on Street Cans and by far one of the funniest tracks on the album “She Smelt Like A Dim Sim But Tasted Like A Chiko Roll” which when I first heard this I thought they were an Aussie Band.

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Binge Drinker Is
Baztron – guitars
Tyler Swift – drums
Tone Bone – bass
Doomboss – vocals

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