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I always liked the thrill of discovering a new band on a punk compilation and sometimes learning a new phrase in another language, so was excited to give Bridging Oceans a listen as it featured bands from 4 countries and I’d only heard of 2 bands that are on board.
Bridging Oceans is an international split release featuring 3 exclusive tracks from 4 bands and was released on the 26th of April 2019. All songs are in English so I’m not going to learn a new phrase in another language. I do really like the album art by Pete Harding at Pee Records.

The first 3 tracks are by Bare Teeth, a 4 piece punk rock band from France who have been around for a couple years. Their first track “Running Wild” is hard and fast punk rock with some incredible drumming and a really cool guitar solo. Their second track “Death Note” is another hard and fast punk rock song with elements of hardcore and thrash. Their final track “Storytellers” starts a bit soft and slow but about 19 seconds in when it turns into a melodic skate punk style song. 
Bare Teeth Facebook Bare Teeth Bandcamp

The next 3 tracks are by Down Memory Lane, a 5 piece 90’s style melodic punk rock band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This band has a pop punk vibe and might help this release reach a larger audience.
All their songs on this release sound a lot alike “Vices“,  “Unknown Veterans” and “The Tyler Durden Way” have similar features like rolling bass lines, distorted power chords and high speed rock based guitar riffs backed by fast drums.
Down Memory Lane Facebook Down Memory Lane Bandcamp

The next 3 tracks are by Nerdlinger, a 3 piece punk rock band from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. This band has been around since about 2013 and has a loyal following.Their contributions feel a little softer at times compared to the other bands but each song musically has a lot going on.
Their first track “Baseballs” is a slow start sing-a-long backed by some distorted power chords that leads into some fast guitar and drum stuff. 
Their second track “Pack It To The Top” has a ska punk vibe and is possibly the softest song on the release. I really like their third track “Videotapes“. This band really delivered on songs with 3 very different tracks. 
Nerdlinger Facebook Nerdlinger Bandcamp

The final 3 tracks on this release are by SHAMES, a 4 piece band from Kofu City, Yamanashi, Japan who play melodic skate punk. They have some very metal elements in these tracks. 
Their first track “Best Place” has a really cool intro with drums and guitar doing some amazing musical layering together. Their second track “Break The Parasite” is more of the same.
Their final track “Miles Away” is a great sounding skate punk song complete with fast drums, distorted power chords and some cool lead guitar work. The song has lots of stops and build ups. I really enjoyed this band and will probably keep listening to them just because i enjoyed their 3 songs so much.
Shames Facebook Shames Bandcamp

Bandcamp Link
Australia via Pee Records
Europe/UK  via Disconnect Disconnect Records
Japan via Attractive Records
North America via Thousand Island Records Facebook

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