Crannk reviews Broken English – “Leave” album

Broken English are a 4 piece rock punk band from the foothills of the Victorian Alps (Albury/Wodonga). Their new album “Leave” was released on the 5th of April 2019 and is 10 tracks long. It was mixed and produced by Simon McKenna at Albury Sound Studios. The awesome cover artwork was by junglejimsmith.
I first heard the opening track “Take Back Control” last year when I was working with In Exile Records on the “Punx In Exile” compilation. At the time what I heard was recorded in a backyard shed and i loved the song. I was super keen to hear this track recorded in a studio and it came out so well.

This is definitely my favourite track on the album.
Other tracks that stood out were “Siren” the lead guitar riff at the start sounds like you guessed it a siren. Its bit of commentary on the music scene and how punters want to hear covers instead of original music. 
Uninvited” has all the guitar and vocal flare of a rock song but its pace gives it a punk feel and some of you might already be familiar with the song “Everyday” which was released a little before the album on triple j unearthed.
This album has a great original sound about it with more rock based elements and some catchy hooks, the vocals are catchy and different enough to be refreshing. I’ll be listening to this one for a long time

Broken English is Brent – vocals, guitar
Leigh – guitar
Luke – bass backup vocals
Simon – drums backup vocals

Broken English Bandcamp

Broken English FB

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