Crannk Reviews-Cannibal Corpse “Violence Unimagined”

Review By Troy “Trouble” Webb

I couldn’t believe that I had been living under a rock when I woke up this morning and found out that Cannibal Corpse had released a new album last year and, to be honest. it’s all I have been listening to for the past few hours it’s kinda wedged in there slowly pushing everything out.

They entered the scene back in 1988 and with the release of their debut album “Eaten Back To Life”. 
Cannibal Corpse has rooted themselves as a household name for the death metal genre. 
Violence Unimagined” is the latest release and it is every bit as brutal as skull fucking the eye socket of your enemy with a dick full of razor blades.  

“Inhumane Harvest” is a song that brings focus on the real-world issue of illegal harvest and sale of human organs by underworld criminal outfits.  
But it had me breaking my neck and wondering how Americans mosh as hard as they do with the famously shit health care they have.  
It’s their first song they released with new guitarist Erik Rutan. He replaced Pat O’Brien for touring (in 2019 when it was announced that they would be supporting  
Slayers last North American tour) after he was incarcerated in 2018 for “allegedly” assaulting his neighbour, owning 80 guns and flame throwers  
and 3 human skulls all while his house was being burnt to the ground… No! really, I am not making this up look it up….  
Then “Murderous Rampage”…….. that song had me destroying everything in my house… I’m down 2 chairs and a table and my neighbours called the cops. 
the officer did not think listening to Cannibal Corpse was a valid reason for being called out but to be fair it did look like there may have been a murder scene. look….  
my point is this album is fucking mental and if you aren’t playing it loud enough to have a visit from the cops, then turn it the fuck up. 
If you want to listen to something heavy and filthy this is the album for you. Brutal riffs that can only be found in the underground scene, drums that set an 
undertone for murder and lyrics that make you question if human beings deserve to live at all. it made me think i was 16 again (im 32 and im sore now).  
So if you have the balls (and the stomach*) check out the filmclip for Inhumane Harvest and prepare to relive the glory days without your mum banging on the door,  
telling you to “turn down that infernal racket” 
*-viewer discretion is advised as there are some confronting imagery in this clip. Don’t complain to me, im only writing about it. 

Learn more & listen: Cannibal Corpse “Inhumane Harvest” from the “Violence Unimagined” album.


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