Crannk Reviews Cokie the Clown – “You’re Welcome” album

Cokie the clown’s debut album “You’re Welcome” was released via Fat Wreck Chords on the 26th of April 2019 and is 10 tracks in total. 
Its not really a sing-a-long album, its not a punk rock record either but it does have more style than you can poke a stick at which will put some people off. Other people have described this album as haunting, honest, personal and raw, which are all very accurate descriptions.
There have been clues to how weird this album would be as a couple songs were released early for promotion. The first “Punk Rock Saved My Life” was well received as it was a mixture of sad keyboards and regular punk rock with the kind of lyrics you expect from Mike.
The track “Negative Reel” was released with a film clip a week before the album, the song has some haunting string parts and just a little bit of distorted guitar but the distorted guitar wasn’t making punk noise like the first track.

The track “Down with the Ship” first featured on the 2012 NOFX – Self Entitled release but this version sounds nothing like the original. The musical arrangement is beautifully sad.
The Queen Is Dead” is a little like “my orphan year” its guitar driven, acoustic folk type stuff with an almost sing-a-long chorus.
Fuck You All is a standout song, yes it feels more song than story and has more of that punky noise I like. 
This album could be described as folk punk with its musical delivery and lyrical storytelling or a sad clown concept album but however you describe it,  I enjoyed this release from start to finish more than once and will be purchasing a cd. 

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