Crannk Reviews Collateral Damage “Barbie Anthem”

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Collateral Damage are a 3 piece punk band from South Australia. They recently released a track called ‘Barbie Anthem‘ which has gained them all sorts of attention including a nomination in the punk category of the South Australian Music Awards. The band has been playing shows and the next release is already in the works, did I mention this band is made up of high school kids ? 
The band did a great little interview with Crannk’s Jai and talked about the band name coming from “that shitty Schwarzenegger movie” haha. They talk about some of their influences like punk stalwarts The Ramones, the 90’s pop punk scene with Green Day, the grunge sounds of Nirvana and modern Australian bands like The Chats and Dune Rats. You can check out the interview here(Link)

The song starts off with a distorted and palm muted chord progression that is simple enough to be accessible and has a familiar hardcore/punk vibe to it. The drums join in slowly through the intro/verse part and help make those parts feel like a big build up to the chorus. The chorus is another simple chord progression with the vocals presented with more melody than the almost spoken word style verse pattern. The chorus seamlessly blends back into the verse for a repeat run and the second chorus takes on an outro feel thanks to some nice lead guitar licks presented in a pop punk fashion with a sing-a-long style the song concludes with a ring out and fade ending. 

Lyrically this song is a big description of stereotypical Aussie behaviour and language, backyard cricket, wearing socks and thongs or listening to ‘Back In Black’ even Aussie lingo like mates and snags. Its not the music with meaning I usually get into but its definitely got a huge relatable content factor. 
The band will be releasing their next single “Nazi Zombies From Outer Space” soon and an EP “Drop Ya Daks” some time next year which I’m already looking forward to. 

Collateral Damage is Dylan – bass/vocals Grayson – drums  Tate – guitar

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Check out Collateral Damage on spotify but remember if you really want to support the band and scene, head over to bandcamp and grab the single and help the lads to keep Punk strong.

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