Crannk Reviews Commissioner Bourbon – Indianapolis Bones And The Crusade For The Last Dart

Commissioner Bourbon are a three-piece punk band brewed in Footscray, Victoria, Australia. The band have been playing shows around the Melbourne scene and has released a bit of music in that time. 
The Commissioner Bourbon discography at this point consists of
The Demo (n)s, released in 2017(Bandcamp Link) Punching Darts Breaking Hearts, released in 2017(Bandcamp Link)
The new track ‘Indianapolis Bones And The Crusade For The Last Dart’ was released in September 2019 and is the first single from the band’s upcoming debut LP ‘No Beer / No Dad‘ 

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The song starts off with the bass playing a repetitive line, the guitar joins in with a distorted power chord ringing out and then a skate punk style lead guitar riff. As the song shifts into the verse, the guitar parts turn to palm-muted chords as the bass continues to drive the song. As the vocals start in a pulsating style which almost echoes out rhythmically it becomes clear that the lyrical content rolls around themes of depression and self-doubt. Both the music and vocals build towards a chorus made up of distorted guitar chords As the pattern repeats into the melodic lead guitar part featured earlier the music has a few embellishments to keep things interesting, such as the well-excecuted pause with a bass break away. The song winds down just right with a well-written piece of melodic lead guitar before a ring out style ending. The song clocks in at (3:35) and is a good example of 90’s influenced melodic skate punk music with lyrical themes usually found in emo or pop-punk. 

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The band’s next show is on the 11th of October 2019, they are playing ‘Pride Of Our Footscray Fest its a big event with bands across two stages. Event Link HERE

The Bonez Stage Way Shit – Criminal Blonde – Cold Sleep – The Ninth Dimension – Monique Fharer (former Ding Dong Death Hole)

The Pride StageThe Pass – Commissioner Bourbon – The Kat O Army -Gaz Baker (Keggin)

Photo credit 3 Chord Images 

Commissioner Bourbon is Benny – guitar/vocals Scott – bass/vocals Felix – drums

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Triple J Unearthed Link
Youtube Link

Check out Commissioner Bourbon on spotify but if you really want to support the band and the scene head over and grab some music/merch and go out and catch a live show.


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