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Based out of Ballarat,Victoria Aussie Mad Dog’s Bunyip have recently released their cracker of a second album Cryptid Erectus. Bunyip are more Australian then VB on weetbix or Vegemite on toast and delivering their own unique brand of music with a sound that mixes components of metal, hard rock and punk all mixed in with Bunyip’s comedic lyrics and labelled their style Skunge after Bunyip’s first album. Cryptid Erectus and Bunyip’s lyrics made me smile as I can relate to all the lyrics on this album in one way or another. Cryptid Erectus was Produced, engineered and mixed by Jason PC Fuller, (BLOOD DUSTER), at Goatsound Studios and features a few notable guests from some of my favourite Aussie Bands Nick Lyons aka Good Time Aussie Bogalars ,Joe Haley of tech death legend Psycroptic and the one and only Matt Young from King Parrot.

The first track on the album Kingfisher is an instrumental number and features some sweet guitar licks that lead really nicely into the second track Deadlines with lyrics like “waking up to a harsh reality” “road works and red lights make me flip my lid” this is a track we can all relate to in our day to day grind except for maybe the body in the bathroom mirror. The third track on the album as with the whole album is one I can relate to and is about that someone we all know who we can say ya “Dug Ya Own Hole” mate make no mistake about that.Fk this next track was such a laugh and one 18 year old me can totally relate to “On Tick” starts off with a really almost 70’s reminiscent rock riffage into an almost galloping guitar feel.

The next track “The Swingin’ Arms” is a track about the night after your local footy team has had a win and you’re out with ya mates at the Swingin arms.

The sixth track on Cryptid Erectus “Vitis” is another sick instrumental guitar piece and almost has a Spanish feel to it.The next track “Powerball” is one of my favourite tracks and one I am sure all us struggling plebs can associate with c’mon cash cow spray a little milk on me before me missus leaves me for some fully cashed up bloke.Track eight “Tin Coffin” is a cracker and if ya one of those guys driving around cranking the best of Rose Tattoo and smoking winnie blues this track is for you.“Cryptid Erectus” is the second last track on the album and features Joe Haley on lead guitar showing his guitar chops.The last song on the album “Nightmare On Ac/Dc Lane” is a fkn awesome track and features backing vocals from Matt Young and Nick Lyons. King Parrot,Dead Kelly,Good Time Aussie Bogalars and now Bunyip have to be some of my favourite Aussie bands going at the moment who do something uniquely Aussie in their music that is instantly recognizable and just Fkn cool to listen to.So do yourself a favour and go check out Bunyip and Crannk it as loud as you can.\m/

BUNYIP ARE:Goonsack Neddy – (Guitar & Vocals)
Gaston – (Guitars & Backing Vocals)
Davo – (Drums)
Kris – (Live Bass & Backing Vocals)

Bunyip Bandcamp Facebook

You can check it out at spotify but why not buy it at Bandcamp for a low $10au and support the scene that supports you.

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