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DickLord are a 4 piece punk rock band from Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. The band has been strutting their stuff on stages all over the east coast hitting up capital cities Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne as well as regional hubs like Geelong and Newcastle, they’ve even played on a boat. 
Dicklord has played shows with some amazing bands like local legends Frenzal Rhomb, Regurgitator, and The Meanies as well as iconic international band’s like Guttermouth, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes and Propagandhi.
The band released their debut album on the 20th of March 2020, it was recorded at Time Flew studios in Byron Bay with artwork by Rose at Dead End Design.Its Sooo Boring is available on cd, digital or vinyl. 
The first song Boring (3:29), starts with a bass line and the guitar joins in slowly adding itself as the atmosphere. A hand sliding across the strings saturated with a nice delay echo hinting at an explosion of noise, just as you think the guitar is about to bust out a riff a partial chord strum turns to a wall of feedback and the drums join in tapping on the high hats. Around the 20 second mark, the guitar starts getting psychedelic and the drums start a steady beat, soon the guitar is adding a pulse rhythm to the simple string of notes as the music intensifies and by the time we hit the 1-minute marker we hear the guitar switch it up to the familiar distorted power chord progression that most songs are made of … this intro was an awesome but unexpected starting point. There is a typical verse/chorus pattern here but it feels well hidden. As the vocalist starts up we can hear aggression and frustration both in the delivery and the lyrical content. The lines are not really mystic or artsy, it’s more blunt and to the point giving the song big riot grrrl vibes. 
The next song Moll on the Dole (3:28) was released in the form of an official music video on the 13th of December 2019. It was filmed and edited by @wildrose_media_. The song has a drum intro with a few bars of a steady beat before a group chant of the words “moll on the doll” is repeated and the guitar sneaks in under the radar at the last repetition. While the songs lyrics at times are a little sarcastic and the delivery of the vocals are still very much full of emotion, the melody and gang-style chants give it a very different feel to the first track. Musically this song is well written and displays more of the band’s versatility with its reggae-inspired breakdown. 

The well presented social commentary continues in the third song. Keyboard Warrior (2:03) has more of a garage punk sound with its core being a simple pattern of distorted power chords, the song has a breakdown where the guitar plays a note that turns into feedback a bit then the picking becomes more frequent and adds string bends as the band brings the energy back up. The vocal delivery has all sorts of different elements while again feeling like the perfect match for the lyrical content and the ending is like a nail in a coffin statement. 
The last of the new songs is Jerk Store (1:48) and its got a hardcore type of punk sound. Hard, fast and angry with an expected social commentary. There are some palm muting and distorted power chords presented in a heavier style with the drums driving the song. 
The second half of this album is made up of four songs that have previously been released, fans may have heard these on a few of the not so mainstream radio shows like Queens Of Noize which frequently drops a Dicklord song onto the playlist. The song  C U Next Tuesday (2:07) was first released on the Bandcamp platform on the 23rd of January 2019. The song was voted number 2 in the 4ZZZ Hot 100 2019. The inclusion of Debra (2:07) was a good call for fans as it was their introduction to the band when it was first released on the Bandcamp platform on the 9th of April 2018. 

Fake Cake (5:34) was first released on the Bandcamp platform on the 13th of June 2019. Its a similar style to ‘Boring‘ and ‘Jerk Store‘ its got heavy metal/hardcore vibes. It’s also the longest song on the album. The final song is Knuckle Girls (2:40) which was first released on the Bandcamp platform on the 6th of March 2019. 
Overall this album is a great listen from start to finish, the songs are well written with little glimpses of sounds from outside of the hardcore/riot grrrl punk realm performed with an accomplished musical proficiency. The vocals are delivered with creativity and emotion in a way that feels perfectly fits the lyrical content. If you’re a fan, this is the album you’ve been waiting for … epic!

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DickLord are

Jade – vocals
Sue – guitar
Ween – bass
Louis – drums

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