Crannk Reviews Down Memory Lane -“Catch EP”

Down Memory Lane are a 5 piece 90’s style melodic punk rock band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The band is currently signed to Thousand Island Records and released a new EP “Catch” on the 19th of April 2019. 
This release is the first half of an LP called “Catch & Release“, the second half was released back in November 2018. 
Catch” has a total of 5 tracks with the usual pop punk lyrical content about relationships, loss, insecurities and wasting time. Musically its fast drums with distorted guitars, palm muting and some great vocal patterns.
The Storm” featuring Emilie Plamondon is a standout track, her vocal contribution adds an extra dimension to the soundscape of the EP. Also worth mentioning is, the sweet lead guitar part at the end of track 4 “Sad Reflections”

If you like this EP, its worth checking out “Release” as well to hear the concept LP in full. 

Down Memory Lane is Ben – guitar Doowy – vocals Frankdrums Joeguitar Mikebass

Down Memory Lane Bandcamp

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