Crannk Reviews Fake News – “Break The Silence” EP

Fake News are a 5 piece punk rock band from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. The band released its new EP ‘Break The Silence’ somewhere near the end of December 2019. 
‘Break The Silence’ contains four new tracks and has a runtime a little over 10 minutes but it certainly showcases the bands sound and abilities. The genre description of punk rock is fairly open so lets break it down into a little more detail. 
The first track ‘In the Grind Pit’ (2:36) has a fast tempo the music is a great mix of hardcore and melodic skatepunk. The usual distorted power chords with some quality shred from the guitar but some clever use of harmonics really adds to the track. The vocal delivery is also fast paced with some shouty gang style back upvocals adding to the hardcore vibes. I really like the guitar intro and ending of this track as well as the drumming which is tight and unforgiving for the whole EP. 

The rest of the EP is a lot like the first song but each other track does manage to highlight some other elements of the genre’s associated with the rather broad tag of punk rock, for example track 2 ‘Defeating Demons’ (2:52) has some more technical elements which some would associate with modern pop punk/skatepunk like a layered intro. The whole track packs a punch and the lead work from the guitar is inspiring. 
The third track “Soundwave Injection”(3:20) has another guitar intro, it seems to be a thing for the band but it could easily boil down to how they approach songwriting, whatever the case it still sounds great. This song has great hooks that are reminiscent of late 90’s pop punk, its also got some sweet bass fills and is hugely melodic. Lyrically this track is about music and ultimately it feels like the most unique track on the EP. 
Finally we come to the closing track ‘Buried Alive’ (2:01) a hardcore thrashy punk rock song with enough ferocity to make your ears bleed 
The band did a great job with this EP, from the first track being the strongest to track 3 being a little more outside the box than the others and closing with a track that left me wanting to hear more. Its a winning formula that has me hooked. 

The band is performing 3 shows in Victoria this weekend. 
On Thurday the 13th of February at The Eastern in Ballarat, VIC. For the Donkey Vote album launch.
On Friday the 14th of February at Sound System Studios Bar in Sunbury, VIC with All Hope Remains, Donkey Vote and Judo Chop
Tonight, Saturday the 15th of February at the Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood with Angry Seas, Donkey Vote and Quaid.

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