Crannk Reviews-Falling In Reverse-Zombified

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve heard Falling In Reverse making a new song and man they killed it, “Zombified” is on my playlist and have played multiple times during the day. When I hear a song I put it on repeat and that’s all I listen to. I never use to listen to Falling In Reverse but ever since this single came out made me listen to other songs that they wrote years ago, I was not disappointed.

The lyrics that I hear in this song are about how we are so focused on social media more so during the start of the pandemic. It also shows how toxic social media can be a very toxic place for mental health. It is a very powerful song talking bout the cancel culture and how one wrong thing you get canceled. Hence the line “There canceling you and they won’t stop till everyone’s zombied “.

The beat is absolutely epic and a good track to bang your head to, my favourite beat is the chorus then it’s like the tune transforms to another dimension.

My favourite part about this song is the graphics and the art style where all the zombies come out. They picked a really good set showing the post apocalyptic world. Has an I am legend feel to it. And then just randomly have aliens come into the scene.

I absolutely love the ending as they’re flying into a dragon,s mouth, It just feels like it’s going to continue on to another song and clip.

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Review By:Chloe Hill


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