Crannk Reviews Frontback – “Don’t mind the noise”

This is the second album from the Swedish hard working band Frontback. It was actually released a week ago, but better late than never… To be honest, I never heard the first album, and when I listen to the first song of this new album called ”Don’t mind the noice”, I wasn’t really sure that I would like it. I guess that the voice of Anlo Front made it difficult in the beginning. She has a very special voice. I had to listen to a couple of songs before I actually realized how amazing her voice really is. And it’s not strange or weird…

Frontback is a Swedish band from the small town of Växjö in southern Sweden. The band consiss of:
Anlo Front – Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Axel Graneskog – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Jonas Persson – Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
Koffe Stridh – Drums & Backing Vocals

The album kicks off with a meaningless intro, but the first real song – ”Fearless” is a real hard rocking kicker, and set a standard for the entire album. The vibes I get from the album is kind of mix of Danko Jones/The Hives/Royal Republic and some classic rock n’ roll. But the thing that really makes this album unique is voice of Anlo Front. It’s truly unique and the kind that you either love or don’t. In my case, I really love her voice!

The album continues with the song ”Lets play rock n’ roll”. A really hard rocking song with strong riffs and a chorus that sounds so familiar that I’m going nuts! There is a part of the chorus that remind me of some other song so much, but I can’t find it! Driving me mad! But, it’s one of the best songs of the album!

Song number three, ”I arrive when you wanna go” starts of with a smooth Royal Republic vibe. It actually sounds like when Royal Republic wanted to be a band that would mix Danko Jones and the Hives… (But then Royal forgot all about that mix, but that’s another story!)

Back to Hell”, song number five is also a favorite song on the album. Starts with Danko riffs, but again, made into something new, a Frontback view on music.

The album continues with hard rocking songs in the same manner as described above. You could think that it would be monotone, but it really isn’t. Every song has it’s soul and doesn’t sound like any other song on the album.

To summarize, I have to say, it’s one hell of an album! I totally love this album! It’s a party rock album that will really rock your party! When it’s time to reflect on the year of 2019, I think that I will rank this album top 10 of Swedish rock/metal albums of the year! Really amazing album! You should really check them out!

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