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Give You Nothing are a 5 piece punk rock/melodic hardcore band from Santa Cruz, California, USA. This band has been around for a few years, their debut EP “Your Revolution” was released back in March 2016. 
The bands 12 track self titled debut album was released on the 1st of May 2019 on bandcamp and physical copies are available through Snubbed Records in the US and Umlaut Records in the UK.
Interesting to note that tracks 1 and 12 were co-written with Donald Scully and I feel like starting and finishing the album with these songs was a good call when listening from start to finish. 
This album is a great listen, it kicks off with the song “Reflections” a typical 4 count provided by drumsticks followed by a few distorted power chords ringing out leads to a drum roll and a ripper bass line. Its a great intro to what sounds like a real 90’s inspired melodic skate punk style song. 

The next song “Clean Slate” is a similar melodic hardcore style song with guest vocals by Russ Rankin of Good Riddance. When you get to the third track “Empty Promises” you start to hear the band mixing thing up, although the underlying melodic hardcore sound is present for most of the song some lead guitar licks could be at home on a skate punk or pop punk song and the breakdown in this one sounds amazing before a very skate punk vibed finish. 

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Track 4 “Complacency Disease” has the whoa ohh’s found in so much punk music, the vocal style in the verse is that hardcore shouty stuff but the chorus is more melodic singing. This vocal pattern is very similar to track 10 “S.O.B.” and track 9 “An Unwritten Chapter” which has guest vocals from Joe Clements of Fury 66. 
Track 5 “Wishing Well” has a real pop punk vibe with its lyrical content and melodic lead guitar licks. Its certainly a slow down from previous tracks.
A few of the songs on this release have some great bass parts like “Ripper” and “Reason To Believe” which are mixed so well that you can hear the bass player nailing those crucial pieces in the songs.
Track 11 “A Devil You Know” might only last 25 seconds but it didn’t need to be any longer to aggressively call out a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
The final track “Flawed Foundations” is the perfect ending a fast melodic skate punk style song with a great breakdown and chorus parts that are sure to have you singing along, it even has guest vocals by the co-writer Donald Scully.
This is a melodic hardcore punk album with the usual short songs featuring fast pace drums, distorted guitars and shouty vocals but the song writing makes it stand out … well for me anyway. 


Photo and video credit to Kevin Burleigh

Give You Nothing is Spencer Biddiscombe – vocals Blake Biagiotti – bass Pat Diola – guitar Olav Tabatabai – guitar Tommy Jameson – drums

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Upcoming shows May 10Red HatConcord, CA

May 11Bici CentroSanta Maria, CA

May 12Sub Rosa Community SpaceSanta Cruz, CA

May 22The Crepe PlaceSanta Cruz, CA

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