Crannk Reviews Heart Of Gold “Bright Lights”single

Tbh I didn’t really vibe with this song at first. But as I listened to it more and read the lyrics I can see he is singing about heartbreak. And the emotions that come with heartbreak. Which is not nice at all as I’ve experienced it myself. If this song came out during those two times it would have helped me a lot. I’m sure this song has helped thousands of people through their trouble and dark times. It’s good to have those songs to help cope with shitty days.

I absolutely love the 80s vibe to this song. From the dance floor to the lights. Even his style was 80s look. It’s that kind of song that you would dance around the lounge room in your pj’s to make you feel happier. What draws me in most is his voice. Very angelic but has a similar sounding voice and beat as Callum Scott. He picked a good year for this song as I’ve noticed a lot of the 80s style is coming back in full gear in all genres of music.

I got curious and wanted to know what this song is about so I looked up interviews to see what he explains about the song. The song is about how you are scared and holding on to what’s meant to come next in your life. But flashbacks and emotions are stopping you.  It also tells you about how he grew apart from his previous partner. Which does happen and shouldn’t blame ourselves for what happened in the past.

Review By Chloe Hill

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