Crannk reviews Hybrid Nightmares “Obelisk”

Hybrid Nightmares are an Australian Extreme metal band that has traveled the far reaches of the galaxy to deliver brutally epic, melodic metal from the deep dark depths of the galaxy and the Obelisk. The 5 tracks on the “Obelisk” are a space odyssey delivered to perfection by the extreme metal space warriors Hybrid Nightmares.

I reviewed the last album from Hybrid Nightmares “Almagest” a couple of years ago and that album is still in high rotation for me, and this album “Obelisk” is one i have been eagerly anticipating. Star Fortress is the first track on the album and Hybrid Nightmares has already shared the clip for this song and it really sets the tone for this space journey of death and destruction. Hybrid Nightmares are one of Australia’s best extreme metal bands going and this album is another reason why.It is due out April 13th make sure you get this Album The Obelisk commands it earthlings.

Hybrid Nightmares Are
Loki: Vocals @LokiMetalHN
Adam: Drums @Z0MBIE_BATMAN
Ben: Guitar @BenJPlant
Johnny: Bass
Dunksy: Guitar

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