Crannk Reviews Illyria “The Carpathian Summit” album

“The Carpathian Summit” “Brilliant” “Haunting” “Melodic”

Illyria are a post-black metal band based out of Perth,Australia and their latest release ‘The Carpathian Summit” the second full length album for Illyria was released on the 26th of April, following the 2016 self-titled release. The Carpathian Summit is absolutely exceptional, the album starts with a haunting guitar melody intro on “Resurgence” that leads into the opening track with the very black metal feeling vocal delivery. But don’t make the mistake thinking this is a black metal album, although Illyria have a strong black metal feel to them this is an album that at times has a real prog-metal sound,feel and vibe to it that reminds me of Mastodon,Opeth and Dream Theater, and allows for moments when i was completely committed and lost in such a way to the music allowing for some real great moments of introspection and connection.

Here is what Illyria vocalist and guitarist Ilijah Stajić said about this next track “Wilderness“, “… Wilderness is about the complications of love and lust and how it affects close relationships around us but also on a global spectrum. The lyrics utilise analogies such as political greed and war showcasing that even the most powerful figures in our society can be corrupted by worldly passions such as lust and gluttony.

This is a band that is not afraid to just play great metal and what feels right for them and their music,with so many different metal moments with “Echoflowers Pt 2” almost feeling like a hardcore-metal song. The Carpathian Summit is one for the ages and an album “Illyria” should be very proud of, A monumental release that has well and truly marked Illyria on the metal map.

The Perth outfit will be launching ‘The Carpathian Summit’ with fellow homegrown talent DeadspaceYomi Ship and Waste Not at Badlands Bar Western Australia on May 3rd.  Link Here

Illyria is Ilijah Stajić on vocals and guitarGeorge Blacklock and James Warren on guitar, Daniel Hacking on Bass and Matt Unkovich on drums

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