Crannk Reviews Intrøspect Debut Ep “Ad Astra”

Behold Intrøspect a relatively new and very talented progressive metal 4 piece band hailing out of Sydney, Australia and tomorrow October 18th marks the day Intrøspect are releasing their debut Ep “Ad Astra” into the universe. “Ad Astra” is a thought-provoking album with amazing soaring complex vocal melodies, prog-heavy grooves, technical guitar riffs to create an Ep filled with an ambiance of Emotion, Passion and Hope that take the listener on a spiritual and emotional journey like all good prog-metal albums should. When I first heard the debut single from Intrøspect the title track of the same name “Ad Astra” and the second track on the album, I was just like wow I have to hear more of this band and this 5 track EP ticks all the prog metal boxes right from the opening Instrumental Intro track “Behold”. Here’s what Felicity frontwoman/vocalist had to say about the single Ad Astra  “…a celebration of the ambitious, exploratory, pioneering spirit of youth. It’s a salutation to those that triumphantly strike out into the terrifying unknown, choosing the hard and lonely path of mastery and individuation, rather than treading known career paths and lifestyles. Going all in on your impossible dreams means a life of isolation and sacrifice, with no guarantee that it will pay off. But for some, it was never an option. They must heed the call. To these astronauts, we say: Godspeed, You Heroes!

Track 3 “Sovereign” is the heaviest track on the album and features guest vocals from Above, Below’s Jacob Wilkes the screams and heaviness of Jacob’s vocals with Felicity’s vocals create an amazing track defined by an onslaught of heavy breakdowns and complex riffage. According to Felicity Jayne, “Sovereign is the heaviest song on the ‘Ad Astra’ EP and draws inspiration from Carl Jung’s conception of the shadow. According to Jung, each individual has a ‘shadow’ self, composed of their darker tendencies , pushed into the subconscious by societal norms and culture. The shadow contains our innate propensities for violence and chaos, but at the same time includes the power to stand up for yourself and others, to fight back against oppression and injustice- to be sovereign. Sovereign is a reminder that each of us has a darkness within, and we are not truly empowered until we’ve reckoned with it, and integrated it.

Track 4 “Earthrise” and Track 5 “Nyx” beautifully round out this 25-minute musical journey of exploration and discovery across the cosmos of emotions called “Ad Astra”. Intrøspect’s EP Ad Astra is out tomorrow Friday, October 18th , so make sure you get this album draw the blinds and turn it up really loud and enjoy this stunning Debut Ep from Intrøspect that is “Ad Astra

Intrøspect will also be launching the EP alongside Glass Ocean and Opus of A Machine in Sydney on Saturday November 30th as a support at Factory Floor. Tickets are available now at

Intrøspect  are Felicity Jayne || Vocals
Loko McDonald || Guitar
Jamie McVicker || Guitar
Hugo Rumore || Drums

Intrøspect Home Web-Page Link Here

Intrøspect Facebook Link Here


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