Crannk Reviews “Killjoy Was Here” – Death Of Self/Slutbomb Split

A split release called “Killjoy Was Here by Death Of Self and Slutbomb was released on the 20th of April 2019. This release is 9 tracks in total 4 from Death Of Self and 5 from Slutbomb.
Death Of Self are a 4 piece punk band from Chicago, Illinois, USA who sound like hardcore or speedpunk. I hadn’t heard of this band before but am now officially a fan. 

Their 4 tracks are all great from “The Violencer‘ with in your face drums and fast paced distorted guitars with stop start parts, to “Hate Song which is more melodic hardcore with a great bass line and more traditional distorted guitar progressions and some well fitting lead guitar parts. “Into the Sun” had some really nice guitar picking which added a different element to the speedy punk song and finally “No Escape” which is short, fast and loud. 

Death Of Self Facebook Death Of Self Bandcamp

Death Of Self is Nick Feltesguitar/vocals Jeffrey Finniganguitar Wade Hall – bass/backing vocals Joe Ott – drums/backing vocals

Slutbomb is a 4 piece punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA and thanks to their recent tour in Australia I was already a fan of their sound.
Slutbomb’s contribution to this release started of with horrendous feedback leading into a fast paced punk rock song with hardcore vibes called “Telling Yourself“. 
Following this is a track called “The Bomb You Throw is fast paced punk rock with some awesome guitar parts that have a middle eastern vibe. 

Perhaps my favourite track on this release is “I am (not) a doll” it has everything i like about this band with a horror vibe. Its a fast hardcore style track with amazing guitar parts and the vocals fit it perfectly.
The following track “Nacrotizing Dysfunction” is 50 seconds of great melodic hardcore punk, it doesn’t even last a full minute but its not missing anything. 
Finally “You’re A God” which is the longest track Slutbomb contributed to this release. It has all the fast melodic hardcore stuff but guitars feel really skate punk which fits great, its chorus is catchy and its soundscape varies. 

Slutbomb is Darrel Glassguitar/vocals/keyboard Debra Long – vocals Taylor Kincaid – drums Brandon Bryant – bass

Slutbomb Bandcamp Slutbomb Facebook

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