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Lesser Known Character are a 4 piece punk rock band from Bristol, UK. They have been playing shows for a few years and have built up a small but loyal following. The band released its first EP “Calamity” back in August 2016 and it was 4 tracks of melodic skate punk. 
The band released their second EP “No Equal Exchange” on the 1st of May 2019 although it was recorded back in 2018. In total their are six songs on their new release with a bit over 16 minutes run time.
From the first track “Separation Anxiety” it is clear the band has not changed their sound much. Fans of the first EP will be happy to hear the familiar fast paced melodic skate punk noise with hints of hardcore and thrash.

Less Tightrope, More Tripwire” is full of vocal harmonies in the chorus and speedy guitar parts mixing chord progressions and riffs seamlessly.  The lead vocals on “Be A Man” were sung by Carl. The song has a great thunderous bass line for an intro and the drums on this track are amazing. There is some technical proficiency on display while instruments stop and start in a few places and its tight.
Constructive Dismissal” has my favourite guitar work, the solo is the perfect mix of speed and simplicity. 
The other song Carl sang the lead vocals on is “Fake News” which is a hardcore punk style tune with hints of metal on the guitars and a crunchy bass line. I think the fact that Carl sings on tracks 3 and 6 while Nick sings lead on all other tracks gives this short EP more depth and versatility. 

Lesser Known Character is Carl – bass/vocals Matt – drums Nick – guitar/vocals Pete – guitar

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