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Littlefoot are a 4 piece heavy alternative band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. This band first appeared a few years back releasing a 3 track EP titled “God Killed My TV” on the 28th of October 2016. They released another 3 track EP called “Fear Out East” back in February 2018, this one had a cover of the Dead Moon song “Walking On My Grave“. The band also contributed a song “Big Dirty” to the Punx In Exile compilation released by In Exile Records last year.

Now your all caught up on their discography lets look at the self titled album which includes the 7 tracks previously mentioned and 4 new tracks. The album was recorded with world class engineer Tim Johnson (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Spazzys, Tex Perkins) at Bakehouse Studio and RMIT.
The older songs are mixed up on the album so if your familiar with the EP’s you might get that weird feeling when the next track isn’t the same one your used to hearing. The old tracks if you haven’t heard them were growly style vocals over the top of alternative/grunge/punk/rock noise. Distorted guitars, feedback and fast paced drums but lots of flashy lead guitar parts, the band throws in some breakdowns now and again to add to the soundscape. 
The previously unreleased tracks are great and show a little more of the bands development.”Cruel Hands” has a great guitar riff and is softer on vocals in the verse parts but its chorus parts are the heavy growly vocals and distorted heavy noise that fans have come to expect and the song has a really cool guitar solo. 
The song “CRUMB” is more of that new sound, it was released early as part of promotion, the band put it up on triple j unearthed and made a film clip for it with Warren McColl Jones. Film clip link HERE

The other two new tracks are more like the bands older material “Tin Man” and “Shit Stain” still have the same growly vocals and heavy alternative noise fans are used to.
The bands next show is an interstate show at Frankies Pizza in Sydney, New South Wales on the 25th of May.  Event Link HERE


Littlefoot is Ryan – guitar/vocals Edde – lead guitar Chris – bass Dylan – drums 
Littlefoot facebook – Bandcamp for earlier Ep’s HERE


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