Crannk Reviews “Livin’ Up The Coast” by Space Boozzies

Space Boozzies is a mongrel dog from the Central Coast (Woy Woy) of New South Wales Australia featuring members of all the popular surf/garage/rock bands you’ve never heard of.

“Livin’ Up The Coast” is the bands second album and is available on vinyl in the form of a limited 12″ (150 copies) with artwork by Spewy, released via Outtaspace. The Album was recorded at Brain Studios in Sydney with Clayton Seglov and Angie Watson, and mastered by Mike Young in Melbourne.


The opening track Livin’ Up The Coast (2:06) is an energetic number with a garage-punk sound. The song is driven by dirty chords, with rock style fills. Lyrically this song offers some bogan humour about the lifestyle of people where they come from. I lived up that way for around 9 years and can instantly appreciate this song. The next song Snake Charmer (2:03) has a great little drum intro and musically is similar to the first track.

Livin’ Up The Coast (Live) at Botany View Hotel

The next track Tyrannosaurus Sean (2:56) has the music heading more towards a 12 bar blues/rock n roll sound. The lyrical content is disturbingly humorous and is framed in a way that feels almost like an intervention. The strong vocal melody and familiar verse/chorus pattern makes it catchy.

The next song That’s What You Get For Your Trouble (2:06) has stoner/garage/rock vibes. The fuzzy guitar tones are good quality and the songs vocal track is strong with a good melody. The last tracks on this side of the record are You’re Wrong (1:18) and Rocket Fuel Mix Up (0:45) songs that are short, fast and loud. Does anyone else remember Rocket Fuel Mmix Up?


The B side of the record starts with the track Makes Me Come Alive (3:00) takes us back to a solid groove foundation layered with distorted chords and surf inspired lead fills. The vocal pattern leaves room for the music to be heard between lines and its not long before we hear a saxophone in some of those parts. The guitars really show off towards the end of this song in a beautiful dirty mess.

Next up is Hobo Style (3:04) which in my opinion has the best opening of all these songs. The following song “Surf N Turf” (1:40) is a nice display of musicianship, at first I thought it was an instrumental but somebody shouts surf n turf at some point at ruined that idea, perhaps this is like intermission or something. The next song Gotta Get Away (2:03) has a drum intro that leads into a riffy piece of guitar work.

The final track Space Boozzie Malfunction (2:37) in many way makes for the perfect ending complete with fade out. Lyrically the band have a laugh at themselves yet it has an anthemic quality. Interesting and well executed guitar parts add to the excitement.

Space Boozzies – Livin’ Up The Coast album playlist

“Livin’ Up The Coast” from the Space Boozzies is high energy with plenty for guitar fans. The common themes in the music are interesting guitar parts, catchy and well developed song structures. Its even got a cover version of the Space Juniors classic Chewin’.

You can catch the Space Boozzies doing an album launch for “Livin’ Up The Coast” on Saturday the 5th of December 2020 at MOSHPIT but it sold out so watch from wherever you want via the live stream. They will be playing as part of the “Big Monsters From Outtarspace” show with The Owen Guns and The BotBots both of whom released music recently that I enjoyed and reviewed. Here’s the event link.


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