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Like a strike of lightning from the heart of the metal gods legendary Aussie metallers LORD have returned united and ready to dominate with their first release in six years, an epic masterclass of an album “Fallen Idols” due out worldwide tomorrow through Dominus Records.This is an amazing album that is a nod to the old school and a release that will truly live up to it’s name and make the Fallen Idols raise their immortal horns to the almighty LORD.Here is what LORD’s Frontman LT had to say about Fallen Idols “Well, it’s been ages coming but the time is nearly upon us for the new LORD album. Long-time fans will have a good idea what they’re in for; the ‘best damn metal mix tape you’ll ever hear’ – it’s our usual agnostic take on styles that somehow still ends up sounding like us. But this time we took a bit of a different approach.”

He continues: “When I was growing up in the Australian outback, backyard parties happened every week and our long-suffering stereo systems blasted tunes from all genres of rock and metal, mixed together in a mish-mash of styles that were never questioned: it was ‘all just metal’ to us, whether it was Bon Jovi or Bathory. The sub-genre either didn’t exist yet, or simply just didn’t matter. The most important thing was how that music made us feel at the time.We wanted to capture that vibe on this album, both recalling that open-minded approach to genres, and also taking a new look at everything we did from songwriting to production. We ended up with an album that sounds both nostalgic and fresh at the same time, like watching a 4K remaster of your favourite movie, with heaps of bonus features thrown in for good measure.”

LORD are one of the best metal acts Australia has to offer and this album is definitely up there as one of my favourite metal albums of 2019.The first Track on the album United(Welcome back) is the opening war cry to the masses We are United and Welcome Back.Track 2 Immortal tells the story of Vlad The Prince of Wallachia in the only way to bring it proper justice, through Heavy Metal.

Lord have some of the best guitar work I have heard in an album and the next track Fallen Idols and the album’s namesake is an awesome track loaded with great riffs and vocals highlighting the Rise and Fall of our Fallen Idols.Track 4 on the album Wilder Than Wind is a song recalling the early days of when you where younger and had that feeling of being ten feet tall and wilder than the wind this song really captures that vibe and feeling.Track 5 “Nod To The Old School” is a song that is a show of love to everyone that has stuck with the band from the Dungeon era of the band which was 1989-2005 to now.This song is loaded with blistering guitar solo’s from Mark and some really catchy hook filled chorus’s.Check out the next preview for track 6 “Chaos Raining”

LORD image

Track 7 “Counting Down The Hours” is a memorable meaningful track that we can all really relate to.Track 8 “The Edge Of The World”is one of the heaviest tracks on this album having a real almost death metal sound to the start of this track and throughout.And asks the question are we pushing to hard towards the edge of the world with no regard.Track 9 “Kill Or Be Killed” has a really cool traditional metal sound,cool harmonies and some really cool vocals and lyrics with that make this a song to sing along to.Track 10 “Masters Of Darkness’ is the last track on the regular copy of Fallen Idols but if you order the deluxe copy you get 3 bonus tracks: “In Dreams,” “Break the Ice” John Farnham cover, and “Touch the Fire” Icehouse cover, which I am super excited about getting in the mail any day now and will be Crannking the hell outta this little slice of metal beauty.

LORD Links:

LORD are Lord Tim – (lead vocals/guitars)
Andy Dowling (bass/backing vocals)
Mark Furtner (guitars/backing vocals)
Darryl Murphy (drums)

Check out LORD on Spotify but if ya really wanna wear your “I am so metal I support the scene look” go and spend some money on merch and shows.


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