Crannk Reviews Maniacal “Life Is A Dark Chain Of Events”

Hailing out of Port Pirie, South Australia are Maniacal a five piece metal band consisting of Thrash,Groove and Death elements of metal.Maniacal formed in 2008 and released their first outing in “Buried In Hell” in 2010 which was recorded at the one and only Against The Grain Studios.This garnered the band some really great responses in Australia and Internationally.

Life Is A Dark Chain Of Events is the most recent release from Maniacal and takes their sound to another level. The album was recorded and mixed by the muti talented Andy Kite at Against The Grain Studios and seen the mastering of the album go to Jens Bogren in Sweden who has also mastered albums for bands Dimmu Borgir, Opeth, Soilwork, Amon Amarth and the list goes on. It was released through Shadow Beast Records December 12 2018 and is an album that has been perfectly crafted from the intro that leads into ten tracks designed to bring the metal gods pleasure.

The second track “This Means War” follows on from the intro which sets this song up perfectly,that opening guitar riff \m/ “Release The Demons” will have you screaming exactly that crannk it. The drums start the pounding of the proclamation of War and Fire and the track “So Much Hate” .”Kill Me” is the next and longest track on the album at around 7 minutes. I need not religion “I Am My Own God” is track 6 and has some really great lyrics on this track and at about 2:53 kicks in with some awesome riffage.”Corporate Slaves The Weak“is a song against the Corporate masses and their money machine.”Drive My Madness” is another song on this album with some great lyrics and drive.The next track and album namesake “Life Is A Dark Chain Of Events” drive home the quality and talent that Maniacal have, and leads into the final two tracks on the album “Woe To The Fallen” and “Buried In Hell” which leave you wanting to replay this album over again as there are some amazing metal hooks that just grab the listener and holds onto them for the entirety of this album.

Lyrically this is an album that really connected with me and one I have been playing for a while.I love it when a band has a message and something to say and Maniacal most certainly do this is an album that resonates and one you will want to keep in your metal collection.

The guitar playing is exceptional and has some real groove and melodies along with the bass and drums that provide the pounding heartbeat of destruction to this album.

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Maniacal are
Dave Hawkins: Guitar, Kane Sampson: Guitar, Sam Verco: Drums, Jason Caspers: Bass, Andy Kite: Vocals.

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