Crannk Reviews Nautical Mile – “The Only Way Is Through” Album

Nautical Mile are a 4 piece pop-punk band from Perth, Western Australia, Australia. The band formed in 2015 and on the 31st of March 2016 released their self titled 4 track debut EP. It was produced, mixed and mastered by Jeremy Pickett. The band released a second EP on the 18th of January 2017 and again worked with Jeremy Pickett.
Nautical Mile have a solid rep in the live scene and has played with bands like Trophy Eyes, Hellions, Hawthorne Heights and The Decline.

The band’s debut album ‘The Only Way Is Through‘ is due out on the 25th of October 2019. The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Emmett Carroll of EC Audio.
The Only Way Is Through‘ has something for everyone, I got into this band when they released their second EP ‘Playing For Keeps‘ and really dig the song ‘Flight Risk‘ so was super excited to hear a new recording of the song on this album. Others might appreciate the song ‘Fall‘ from the band’s first EP also features on the album. 
The band released three singles in the lead up to their album, ‘Regicide’ was well received and has been streamed over 90,000 times on the Spotify platform since its release late last year. The song is a well written and high energy modern pop-punk tune with a very dynamic soundscape. 
The second single “Marionette” premiered exclusively through Triple J’s Short. Fast. Loud., snapped up AU Review’s track of the day on release day and was added to Spotify editorial playlists ‘Pop Punk’s Not Dead’ and ‘New Punk Tracks’. The song has the high energy of the first single but feels much more polished with a fade-in style intro that leads to perhaps the best drumming moments of the entire album.
The third single “Shattered” made its online premiere through TheMusic, which was featured in US Magazine New Noise and like the second single was given some air time on Triple J’s Short.Fast.Loud. This song feels very different to the first two singles. Starting with some vocal whoa moments typical of pop-punk, the song shares elements with the previous singles, like the smooth overdriven guitar tones. The guitar really stands out in this song. 
The opening track ‘A Life Worth Dying For‘ has a 90’s inspired punk sound through the intro and verse sections with simple chord progressions and pop-tinged lead guitar embellishments, the drumming takes it up a notch about halfway through the verse and by the chorus the soundscape has a more modern technical pop-punk feel. It has some nice lead guitar stuff towards the end that makes you feel like it’s going to fade out but then the band starts playing a heavy rhythmic outro. 

This was a great song to start the album with and it leads perfectly into the next song ‘Spin The Bottle‘ with its fade in guitar start and similar sound. ‘Spin The Bottle’ is a catchy number with the guitar playing really starting to shine in the second verse moving between riffs and chords expertly. 
The next song ‘Bad Influence‘ has a similar quick fade in intro part that leads into a classic pop-punk verse in which the aggression can be felt in both the vocal style and music with the drumming keeping the high energy feeling going. As the song continues the vocals pick up the pace without losing the melodic elements fans like to sing along to. This is my favourite song from the album. 
The Only Way Is Through‘ is a 13 track album with an opening track that gives listeners a good idea what to expect before a collection of new songs as well as earlier songs from the bands already well established repertoire that will impress fans new and old before ending with a track that feels a little experimental without straying far from the pop-punk genre the band plays so well. 

Obviously a new album needs a good tour to support and promote the release, you can catch the band live at one of the following shows
FRI 22 NOV at Amplifier Bar, Perth
SAT 23 NOV at Whole Lotta Love Bar, Melbourne
SUN 24 NOV at Barwon Club, Geelong
WED 27 NOV at The Basement, Canberra
THURS 28 NOV at The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
FRI 29 NOV at Burdekin Hotel, Sydney
SUN 1 DEC at Crowbar, Brisbane

Nautical Mile is
Brodi Owen – vocals
Caleb Wynter – drums
Dan Ray – guitar
Nick Hennisson – bass

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1st EP
2nd EP

Triple J Unearthed Link
Check out Nautical Mile on spotify but if you want to support the band and the scene head over to one of the links and grab some music/merch and catch Nautical Mile at one of their shows.


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