CRANNK reviews Nightmares of the sun: Approach of the epoch

Instrumental progressive metal, could that be a thing? Well, hell yeah! For me at least. I’m that guy that loves all those long songs by Iron Maiden, where there are lots and lots of music and no lyrics. So for me, this works really good!

I really like this! Even though it’s completly instrumental you can really feel the story telling of the song. The song varies with tuned down metal riffs, sometimes just heavy metal, to slow sections. I really don’t know how to describe this, so let me just say as I stated earlier, if you love the music parts of those really long songs by Iron Maiden, you will love this song!

Better yet, listen to it! You can find it here on a lot of different plattforms.

Nightmares of The Sun consists of musician Luke Johnson from Sidney, Australia.

Released May 24th, 2019, Approach of The Epoch is the first single off of the forthcoming Nightmares of The Sun album due July 2019. I’m for one are really looking forward to the album in July!

You can find the band here:
Spotify: here

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