Crannk reviews Pizzatramp – Grand Relapse album

Pizzatramp are a 3 piece skate punk hardcore thrash band from South Wales UK. They released “Grand Relapse” on the 5th of April 2019 this release is 15 tracks in total, although the songs “Shoot Me Now” “Weekend At Jimmy’s” and ” Nappy Rash” all clock in at under a minute.
You might have seen the video for their track “I Got Work In The Morning” which was released just before the album. If you liked that and wanted to hear more of the same, this album wont disappoint as this band sticks to their sound.

The first track “Captain Sea Org” is another fast paced thrashy hardcore style song with a message against the likes of L Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology, Tom Cruise and the Sea Org with its million year contracts. 
Millions Of Dead Goths“, follows the opening tracks pace and style but has a little comedic genius about it dropping names of well known musicians as well as Dracula in the same verse.
This album is full of heavy hitting vocals and the bands own brand of skate punk thrash crossover style, its got some really well written tracks but my favourite track was track 14 “Stop Being A Racist Cunt” its one of the best anti racism songs I’ve ever heard.

Pizzatramp is Sammy Two Cabs – bass/vocals Jimmy No Whammy – guitar/vocals Danny Bang Bang – drums


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