Crannk Reviews RISE TO THE SKY- “Death Will Not Keep Us Apart

Rise to the Sky are an Atmospheric doom metal solo project from Santiago, Chile formed in 2019.

Death will not keep us apart” is the second full-length release from this Chilean through GS Productions with prior releases consisting of a full length and an EP.

An Epic and atmospheric start to this release adds a mournful touch before launching into a rocking yet oppressive first track complete with exceptional layered guitars and violin.  A heavy emphasis on the bass rumbles adds a mournful and oppressive feel to this track while dissident guttural vocals are instantly recognizable within this release and fast become a quality expected of Rise to the Sky. The lyrical content deals primarily with death, mourning and romantic yet depressive feels are expressed throughout “Death will not keep us Apart”.

 Excellent riffs combined with sharp technical drumming will catch the listener’s attention in “Pain and Blood”- a melancholy depressive doom track with incredible atmosphere and a bleak feeling. A more uplifting tone can be heard in some tracks while an atmospheric, gothic feel is highlighted in “Together in the Grave” with the use of choral tones reminiscent of a funeral doom feel and highly emotive riffs.

A slow depressive feel with an oddly uplifting aspect is shown in “When Death Comes” which is an incredibly well-constructed mix of depressive riffs, instrumental piano pieces, spoken female vocals, and a combination of guttural vocals and clean female vocals. A slight folk- funeral influence can be heard in “The Final Choice” with its rollicking riffs, deliberate slow pace, and double kicks. Unsurprisingly, Rise to the Sky also can pull off excellent clean vocals- as the strength applied in his growls translates across to the vocals.

We are not Mourning” is a masterful display in blast beats and adds an oppressive feel to this release while “Dancing in the Dark” provides an atmospheric, mournful, and slightly depressive conclusion to this release.

Some tracks have an oppressive and dramatic feel to them added by the use of reverb and heavier emphasis on the music while having a more balanced feel with the vocals being in the background a little more.

Consistently technically and musically strong- Rise to the Sky has created a unique niche for themselves within the atmospheric doom genre. Every track has a unique feel but the concept flows nicely between all the tracks adding a very solid feel to “Death will not keep us apart”. 9 tracks and 46 minutes of mournful atmospheric doom which I genuinely look forward to hearing more of.

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