Crannk Reviews Sam Astaroth-“Demoncore” single

Review By Mick HezemansDemoncore by Sam Astaroth Released 29th June 2022

This is my first time hearing Sam Astaroths music and I found quite a lot here to enjoy. The production is killer, the whole track is big and loud, the distorted bass hits hard and has a nice boom. I’ve never been one to insist that songs have length, I think that if a song is short but good, there’s no point in adding anything just for the sake of addition. Demoncore clocks in at just over two minutes and manages to cover the intro, verse, build-up, and drop journey without rushing through and giving each section its time to shine.

Sam’s vocals are killer and have range, there’s plenty of the screechy triplet flows that you expect from a Trap Metal track, some brutal slows at the start and end, and nice use of effects to amp up the vibe.

Musically the song as an eminent bass drone dropping in and phasing out that rattled both my headphones and car speakers and the track escalates along at a nice pace. Everything that I heard sounded big, my only issue with the track came in the 30/40 seconds left mark. When we’ve gotten through the quiet coda and Sam is rapping at a super-fast speed, the music continued as it had been and I was kinda expecting a double kick or some extra drums to kick in a go crazy and really ramp up the ending, but Trap is all that buildup and sitting in the groove, so chalk that up to ky personal preference. I do love me some double kicks in just about any song.

Overall, a catchy song with a heavy bass drone and some hectic trap metal vocals and one that made me keen to hear more of this artist’s work.


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