Crannk Reviews Short Fuse Vol 1 by Wreckless Enterprise

There is a new punk label called Wreckless Enterprise  based in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia that started up this year (January 2019).
A brief description of the label is found on the new release which I include here for a sense of completeness …
Wreckless Enterprise – Run by a couple of old rockers with a DIY attitude and a bit of spare lunch money, supporters of underground music played manually by talented amateurs, no vocoders, no autotune just primitive rock n roll gut instinct.”

Wreckless Enterprise has only 2 releases out so far the first was The Leftards second EP “Deep C Divers” which I did review but in my very unprofessional punky way. I talked with the band and totally forgot to mention the label. 
The label has chosen to make a rather unique compilation for their second release by collecting a short song from 12 different bands located in different parts of the state of New South Wales in Australia including Newcastle, Queanbeyan, Sydney, Wollongong and Woy Woy
It sounded like a similar idea to the Fat Wreck Chords short music for short people compilation. The release is available in two forms, digital through the bandcamp platform and on vinyl from the label and a handful of record stores. I chose to wait and review it on vinyl so here’s my thoughts as I listened .

Side 1
Space Boozzies – Rocket Fuel Mix Up
This band is from Woy Woy and their music is best described as Garage Punk, the song is a ramones style punk tune with basic power chords, dirty distortion and solid drumming. Facebook Link HERE .

Fangin’ Felines – Something Inside
This 4 piece band is from Wollongong and their contribution is a similar garage punk style number with some great female harmonies. This song had melody and i wanted to sing along.
Facebook Link HERE

Rukus – Crime Spree
Rukus sounded great and their song pushed the record into a hardcore direction with a faster, aggressive UK82 vibe.
Facebook Link HERE

The Not Nots – Take
Indie punk band The Not Nots, from Newcastle provided a garage punk track with a horror vibe but maybe the vocal style just reminded me of the misfits. 
Facebook Link HERE

Dirty Slutz – Your Girlfriend Eats Shit
Back to the hardcore, distorted punk rock noise with this track and vocals that are reminiscent of many of the great female punk vocalitsts from the 80’s. 
Facebook Link HERE

Leftards – Change The Date
This 4 piece band is from Wollongong I love this band and this song has the sound I’m used to them making which is a trashy street punk noise with some artistic elements. 
Facebook Link HERE

Side 2
Crapulous Gee Gaw – Egg and Sperm Race
Another hardcore style number to sing along to with speed and ferocity, you can really hear the bass in this one and i thought the ending was great.
Facebook Link HERE
The VeeBees – Half a Root
A 4 piece band from Queanbeyan singing a dirty punk rock number with sexualized lyrical content. It might be a short song but it had me laughing as the vocals tell the story of someone who is only giving 50% in everything.
Facebook Link HERE
Ape Rib – Post Hard War
It doesn’t feel out of place but it might be the most different sounding song on the release. Its heavy and has some simplistic guitar parts but still has some distorted guitars and in your face drumming with some vocals screams and grunts. 
Facebook Link HERE
Minor Surgery – Birdserk
This 3 piece band is from Sydney deliver a track that has a clear pattern and massive amounts of energy. Fast, loud and long enough to really get into it.
Facebook Link HERE
Thee Evil Twin – Motherfuckers All
The band is from Sydney and their song has solid drumming holding together basic distorted rhythm guitar and vocals with space between things.
Facebook Link HERE
Hackspit – Sad and Slow
I laughed in amusement but felt slightly disappointed in this track as it sounded like it was going to kick off but then stopped. If thats what they were aiming for its perfect but it didn’t really give me an idea of what their music sounds like.
Overall this is a great compilation that does a good job showcasing 12 bands from across NSW and the bands while sounding a little different to each other contributed tracks that don’t sound out of place when listening to this from start to finish. 

Launch Gig Video is a facebook watch one so click HERE

Wreckless Enterprise have a show on at the Illawarra Music Foundry on the 22nd of June which features Rukus from this compilation.Event Link HERE

Wreckless Enterprises Links BandcampFacebook

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