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Skinny Dog is a 5 piece band from Taunton, Somerset, UK that formed in January 2018. They released a 5 track EP called “Puppy Days” on the 27th of October 2018. 
The EP kicks off with a song called “Freeloader” its got a very familiar vibe and reminds me a bit of bands like New Found Glory. A fast paced skate/punk sound with raw emotionally charged vocals, distorted guitars with palm muted power chords.

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The second track “Fine” starts with a stronger beat that has a hardcore vibe but the vocal melody and lyrics make it feel more pop/punk in the chorus. The guitar solo that starts in a slow manner and turns fast at the end gives a hint that this band is about more than your average three chord punk song.
At the half way point of the EP is a track called “Over” this song sounds like a real pop punk number about a break up, palm muted power chords and softer verse parts change to a loud in your face choruscomplete with melodic lead guitar parts on loop in the background.
Track 4 “Gravity” starts with a lead guitar riff part and slowly the rhythm guitar strums a power chord which rings out as the verse starts up. The lead guitar parts in this song feel a little metal inspired at times but it still has a skate punk vibe. The song shows off the skill of their lead guitarist well. 
The final song on the release”Haunted” has a heavier start before the lead guitar joins in to give it a skate punk vibe. Its got the heaviest moments of the release, even the vocals feel heavier at times and the guitar solo has a fast metal inspired sound. 
This EP feels like a well written song the way it starts punchy, softens a little in the middle like a breakdown before a hard hitting conclusion. 

The band has a few shows coming up around the UK 
6/07 Railway Hotel Yeovil – 13/07 Unholy Messtival Coalville – 20/07 Godney Gathering  – 2/08 Cobblestones Bridgwater – 24/08 Victoria Gate Taunton – 14/09 Railway Hotel Yeovil 

Skinny Dog is Ben-lead guitar
Chris – lead vocals
Dave – drums/backup vocals
Henning – rhythm guitar/backup vocals
Paul – bass/backup vocals

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