Crannk Reviews Slush Self Titled EP ‘Slush’

Slush are a 3 piece band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia who play some kind of alternative music that combines indie rock, grunge and feminist punk noise sprinkled with elements of pop.
The band released their self titled debut EP on the 10th of May 2019 offering up five songs showcasing the bands sound.
The first song “Bleed” is a ramones style punk rock number with vocals that in the verse sound riot grrl inspired while the whoa harmony pieces have a very indie vibe.
Keep Cup” is similar with a clean guitar start and similar vocal harmonies, its got a soft then heavy pattern has some good energy during the distorted guitar parts.

Middle Name” was released as the bands first single on the 6th of February 2019. Its the most positive accessible and relate able song of the release. Lyrically this song is about having a crush on someone,  relationships. Musically it has more pop elements than the other tracks on the release. 
Salty” lyrically details the personal experiences of misogynistic name-calling from men. The music has a real 90’s indie rock and grunge vibe. The vocal style feels perfectly suited to a song that at times is calmly explaining and at other times feels more desperately pleading.
The final song “Bono” is a well written response to the comments made by that wanker in U2, who said something about modern rock music becoming too girly and also a response to the problematic nature of negative attitudes towards femininity. It might be the shortest song on the release but its lyrical genius delivered with sass and aggression backed by a fast punchy punk with a familiar 1,2,3,4 count in. I’m a huge fan of the catchy chorus “Bono Bon no no no”
The vocals are what hooked me on writing a review, the music is catchy and has a versatility about it. At a point in Australian history where women and non binary people are still held back instead of treated as equals and women are dying at the hands of toxic masculinity, this is the EP I hope my daughter will sing-a-long to.

Slush have an Ep launch on the 25th of May  with Lazertits, Bad Bangs & Moon Cup Hosted by Slush and Hysterical Records check out this event link HERE for more details.

Slush is Acacia Coates (she/her) – vocals/guitar Caitlyn Bardsley (she/her) – bass Scout Tester (they/them) – drums

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