Crannk Reviews Soul Grip “Not Ever”

Soul Grip are a post Black Metal band from Ghent, Belgium. Soul Grip formed in early 2015 and got straight into touring and playing live developing and growing their sound and following, before heading into the studio in December of 2014 to record their first album “Avadon” which was released through Consouling Sounds on May 2015. Soul Grip then hit the road hard through Europe. 2017 saw Soul Grip take some time for some recording Sessions with the release of a split with the band “VVOVNDS” through Consouling Sounds being released in June of 2018.

Soul Grips latest release “Not Ever” was unleashed late in 2018 through Consouling Sounds, and is an epic post black metal album that at times absolutely crushes and destroys with black metal blast beats but also there is an atmospheric blackness that washes over you. I really enjoyed the hell out of this album and understand why Europe continues to bring out some of the best black metal bands in the world,especially with the quality of talent like Soul Grip have. If you love your metal black,brutal atmospheric and skull crushingly good this is the must have album for your collection.

Drums: Gert Stals
Bass: Joren De Roeck
Guitar: Emanuel Morel
Guitar: Andy Beliën
Vocals: Nathan Vander Vaet

\m/ Review By Jai That Aussie Metal Guy and Crannk \m/


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