Crannk reviews Stoned To Death’s album “4:20 Sessions”

Stoned To Death are a 4 piece hardcore punk band from East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Their debut album 4:20 Sessions was released in the Philippines back in October 2018 when the band was touring the area but back home in Australia fans had to wait a little longer.On the 23rd of March 2019 the band released the album on bandcamp and physical cd formats. 
The 4:20 Sessions album is 10 tracks of hardcore punk splattered with elements of thrash metal.

The songs are short and fast in structure like all good punk songs but the lead guitar work on track 8 “Junkie” musical breakdowns in a few tracks, chord progressions and perhaps most noticeably the vocal style are all examples of the band blending metal with hardcore punk.
There is plenty of guitar feedback, fast pounding drums and screaming on this release but track 9 “Head On A Stick” has a banjo in the introduction before turning into another heavy masterpiece.

Photo credit – Jay Dales

Stoned To Death are Jake Seymour – vocals Daniel Bresich – guitar Michael Sneddon – bass Loy Roberts – drums



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