Crannk Reviews The BotBots Debut EP Stoneage Scomeos

The BotBots are a 4 piece political punk band from a few different parts of New South Wales, Australia. The bands first gig was in Mayfield back in February this year and the plug was pulled before they even finished their set, apparently due to excessive swearing and sports being on the tv. I guess that is believable, these people play in other bands that are good like Space Boozzies, The Leftards, The Not Nots and The Owen Guns, I think there’s more but I’ve made my point. Four months later The BotBots recorded their debut EP Stoneage Scomeos

I first heard of this release through Wreckless Enterprise but interestingly this is a co-release with Outtaspace Presents, It was Adam from Outtaspace Presents that provided the great artwork seen in promotional posts since June. The build up to the release was well executed and raised anticipation levels.

Stoneage Scomeos features 7 tracks in total and a runtime of just over 8 minutes. The opening track Engadine Maccas offers up a raw garage punk sound complete with dunny budgies and I really like that guitar part in the intro. Lyrical content feels minimal and the vocal melody leaves room for the music to breathe in parts. This song has strong anarcho punk vibes and the music video was a good laugh.

The Stoneage Scomeos EP offers up some good variety for an 8 minute release but always has a raw feel. The music has that simplistic style that lends itself to accessibility while still packing a punch and the lyrics repeat enough to get you singing along quickly. My favourite track was Pillars of Society because it felt like a battle-cry and my only complaints are that the last song turned out to be a grower, and the whole thing was over far to quickly.

You can get yourself a copy of The BotBots debut EP Stoneage Scomeos by contacting Wreckless Enterprise or Outtaspace Presents but its also possible to get at a handful of awesome record stores like Papa Disquo Records, Music Farmers or Hiss & Crackle Records. Alternatively, if you like your music in digital format check out the usual streaming services


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