Crannk Reviews the Collateral Damage EP “Drop Ya Dacks”

Collateral Damage are a 3 piece punk band from Port Pirie, South Australia, Australia. This band has been featured on Crannk numerous times so if you need some background info just check the review of “Barbie Anthem” or one of the interviews that Jai did with them and catch up. Collateral Damage released their debut EP “Drop Ya Dacks” on the 19th of June 2020, it features 4 brand new tracks and has a runtime of around 10 minutes.

The opening track “End Of The Road” (2:13) has a guitar intro reminiscent of 90’s era punk music, a progression of distorted power chords that almost any aspiring guitarist could play along with. I like the way the drums enter this song and feel like it adds a little flair. The vocals through the verse are clear and the melody leaves room for the music to be heard, the chorus parts are more drawn out and melodic making for a well written hook that will stick in your head and get you singing along. This song has a stock standard kind of pattern with verse and chorus parts with a neat little bit of lead guitar.

The next track “Monster House” (2:28) features members of Modern Day Riot, the guitar work is more riff based through the verse parts, its high energy and moving. The vocal melody has a great rhythm through the verse parts and again leaves room to hear the music between lines. the chorus has another well written hook and is backed by some distorted power chords. The guitar parts in this song are well crafted and executed, the leady parts feel just right and if anything actually up the energy levels of the song.

The third track “Sell My Soul for a Sausage Roll” (2:23) has a bass intro with the drums and vocals joining in one after the other, the guitar doesn’t make an appearance until about half way through the verse, it plays some rhythmic power chords and lets one ring out leading to a chorus. the guitar solo is full of energy and well executed while maintaining a strong sense of melody. This song has a well written outro part that contains some gang style shouty vocals

The final track “Nazi Zombies from Outer Space” (2:39) starts off with the drums, its got a lot more emphasis on timing and technique than the others and the bass is worth paying a bit of attention to. The song structure is still the same verse/chorus stuff but the songwriting and hooks on this song make it my favourite song on the EP.

In summary this is a great debut EP, made all the more exciting because of the collaboration with members of another band and its DIY production. I’ll be hitting up the bend for a signed copy of their limited run of CD’s which apparently include the song “Barbie Anthem”. If your not lucky enough to get a physical copy or if your into streaming your music, you can find this on the usual platforms.

Collateral Damage are
Dylan - bass/vocals
Grayson - drums
Tate - guitar

Facebook Link –


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