Crannk Reviews The Crushing New Album From Alluvial-Sarcoma

Review By Dan Grey

Alright everyone so I was just listening to this album called Sarcoma a new album from a death metal band called, Alluvial this ten-track album is a blast with the guttural vocals and the drummer was knocking the wind out of those drums like they stole his lunch money I like that a lot, the bass is pretty groovy and crunchy and the electric guitar is just as crunchy and has such a powerful vibe that just makes you wanna rock n roll. let’s talk about some of the tracks, starting with the title track Sarcoma. 
Now this is my first time actually hearing Alluvial and that means uncharted territory for me, as i am personally more of a classic metal fan death metal is really new to me but this track, Sarcoma was what got me to really let loose with this death metal band and I gotta say this album is awesome then there’s the track, Ulysses.

All I can really say about this track is wow this is actually pretty cool it has a very strong opening and I’ve said this many times if you’re gonna open with something make sure it’s a banger, Ulysses is a damn fine track in that regard.
40 stories is a great track because it seems a bit softer and soon gets more aggressive. The vocalist seems to sound different in certain parts but that’s awesome too, I’m even more impressed because this shows he has quite the vocal range and that is something I can always appreciate. I’ve reviewed a few death metal bands so far up to this point, I can safely say it’s not my kind of metal, but I consider myself an open-minded man, and appreciate the artistry that goes into making death metal, the entire point of the matter is that art is subjective it can mean one thing to one person and another entirely. I think Alluvial is going to end up becoming a death metal household name. And that’s my take on the album I hope Alluvial keeps releasing new albums for the fans and who knows I’ll probably dabble in some more of their albums when they release more albums, here’s hoping that it happens so keep the rock way of life going Alluvial, you and many other new bands are keeping the flame of rock music alive

vocalist Kevin Muller (ex-SUFFOCATION, THE MERCILESS CONCEPT), guitarist Wes Hauch (ex-THE FACELESS, BLACK CROWN INITIATE), bassist Tim Walker (ENTHEOS) and drummer Matt Paulazzo (AEGAEON)

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