Crannk Reviews The Decline – “Flash Gordon Ramsey Street” album

I reviewed the “Verge Collection” single from Perth based skate punkers The Decline back on the 17th of July, then joined in interviewing Harry just over a week later(Link). Now I’m writing a review for the bands new album “Flash Gordon Ramsey Street” which is due for release on the 30th of August 2019.
The album is made up of 17 tracks and is everything fans have come to expect from the 4 talented people collectively known as The Decline. The band have released 4 singles in the lead up to the album. 
First came “The More You Know” released back on the 12th of July 2019, along with the announcement of the new album. 36 seconds of fast paced music with a small vocal harmony and slow keys ending.
Second was “Verge Collection” featuring Stacey Dee of Bad Cop Bad Cop which is amazing but I’ve already written about it and you can read that here (Link

The third single was “Brovine” and was released on the 19th of July with an accompanying animated music video made by Mike ‘Fox’ Foxall in which cartoon versions of the band members purchase tofu from a grocery store before a police chase scene that sees the officers throwing sausages and steaks at the band members. 

Guitarist/vocalist Ben Elliot says “this song is about maintaining your rage about animal rights after a few years of being vegetarian/vegan and some of the ridiculous things that people will berate you with

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The latest single released was “It Was Always You” released on the 15th of August 2019. Guitarist/vocalist Pat Decline explained the track as “… a shameless love song that is also about being afraid of flying. It’s about the love-hate relationship with airports and planes because they suck, but they also take you to amazing places. We had a 45 minute stop over at Peru at 3am on our way to South America for the We Are One tour in 2017, and I remember feeling like it was the furthest I’d ever been from home. We came back to Lima, Peru a week later to play a show and I wrote this song in the hotel bathroom”

There is other short tracks on this album that are similar in length to “The More You Know” and they feel well placed when listening to the album in full. These tracks are “Summerbucht” “Smashed Avo” and “Bahia De Verano” these tracks are short but are in no way just filler. 
Bullet With Buffalo Wings” is a fast paced melodic album opener with some nice lead guitar fills and epic drumming. The vocals start of in typical skate punk fashion but near the end switches to a hardcore style back and forth. This track is bursting at the seems with energy and will get you hooked to keep listening. 
War” starts of at full speed before the guitars drop out and the vocals ride smoothly but with urgency while drums kick away in the background, dirty power chords ring out at what feels like a half way point in the verse and then its all in like a good punk rock build up, surprisingly a mellow moment separates the chorus from the next verse which feels like the vocals take it up a notch as well as the drums and even a great bass line, the energy remains intense from here to the end.
Changing My Shoes” has a pop punk ballad vibe about it. I really like the wind down towards the end.
Real Again” starts with softly strummed chords and driving vocals before a small drum build up leads into the band delivering its familiar brand of melodic skate punk. 
High Extinction” and “I’m Not Alright” keep the high energy feel going and make sure the band has your full attention while delivering some diversity in the soundscape. 
Don’t Jump A Giftshark In The Mouth” the vocal patterns that ring out over this fast paced distorted melodic music had me listening multiple times and singing along.

Get Hyrule Save Zelda” is definitely my favourite track with lyrical content that describes being disappointed with the way the world seems while you try to navigate your way through life and how locking yourself away for a binge day with a computer game seems like a good idea cause you can have a better outcome. 
Your Funeral” has a sad emotional guitar picking pattern intro with a vocal track that feels laid back in a way that sounds exhausted and emotional. Its dark but not heavy or fast. 

The closing track “Josh” feels like an uptempo continuation of the last track, at least lyrically but musically its fast melodic and will have fans waiting on the next album. 

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The band have a 12 date tour lined up to promote the album visiting Gold Coast, Brisbane, Port Macquarie, Newcastle, Central Coast, Canberra, Wollongong, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and their home turf Perth. Pee Records label mates Nerdlinger are playing on a lot of these shows and some great local support acts are already locked in like Trashed Again, Hack The Mainframe, Topnovil, Del Failure, Essem, Billy Puntton, The Ramshackle Army and Burnout


The Decline are Ben Elliot – guitar/vocals Pat Decline – guitar/vocals Ray Ray – bass Harry – drums

The Decline Links

The Decline Facebook Link
Pee Records FB
Bandcamp Link The Decline webpage link

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Check out The Decline at Spotify but if you really want to support the band and the scene be sure to buy merch/music and catch them on their tour because without you there is no scene.


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