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The Decline is a 4 piece punk band from Perth, Western Australia, Australia. The band plays a high energy type of skatepunk/pop punk with catchy hooks and have been with Australian label Pee Records since releasing their third album “Resister” back in 2015. 
On the 17th of May 2019 the band released a new song “Verge Collection” digitally with an official music video. The song has a run time of 1:44 but is packed full of punky goodness. This is the bands first release since their 2017 split 7″ “Local Resident Failure vs The Decline” with friends Local Resident Failure
The song starts off at full speed with a few bars of in your face punk music before the vocals start and even the verse vocals delivered at a fast pace with a sense of urgency. At the end of the verse there is a small lead guitar fill that demonstrates technical proficiency at a fast pace and this leads into a chorus that is both simplistic and catchy, the vocals feel slightly slower while still maintaining a powerful melodic vibe. Around 53 second into the song we finally hear the guest vocals from Stacey Dee of Bad Cop Bad Cop and it definitely adds something special to the song, after about 10 seconds of Stacey adding her raw sounding vocals to the music there is a part that feels like a bridge before a return to the chorus closes the song. 


Pee Records released a physical copy of the single “Verge Collection” on cd, limited to 300 copies and all hand numbered. The physical copy included 2 bonus tracks “Fast Food” (2:55) and “Can’t Have Both” (2:22). 
I’ve listened to the track “Fast Food” a few times now and its got a different vibe. The verse parts are driven by palm muted power chords and a more melodic vocal track although the chorus packs a similar punch to “Verge Collection” and this track has a great guitar solo. 


The Decline are playing the last show of their Verge Collection single tour on Friday the 19th of July at Lucy’s Love Shack in Perth. The other bands onboard for this gig are Freakvibe, The Wolfbats and Dark Days
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The Decline is
Ben Elliot – guitar/vocals Harry – drums Pat Decline – guitar/vocals Ray Ray – bass 
Facebook Link
Pee Records
Bandcamp Link The Decline Web Page

As always have a suss of them on spotify but if you really want to support the scene head over to bandcamp and show your support.


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