Crannk Reviews The Donald Trumpets EP”Waterboarding At Guantanamo”

The Donald Trumpets are a 6 piece ska punk band from Perth, Western Australia who formed in 2017. They have been building a reputation and gaining a loyal following ever since, now the band is set to release their debut EP. 
On the 22nd of February 2019, The Donald Trumpets will release the digital version of their 5 track debut EP titled “Waterboarding at Guantanamo Bay”
The opening track “Bummerfest” and track 2 “Coping Mechanisms” are both well crafted ska punk tunes with dance-able rhythms, great horn work and lyrical hooks built on negativity and raw emotion. Track 3 “Guys I’m Syrias” might sound familiar as it first appeared on the bands bandcamp page in January 2018 release “Very Stable Genius” 
The last two tracks are a great finish to the release with “The More You Know” is a little different to the other tracks, it has a folk punk sound. A really driving rhythm guitar pattern keeps the energy up. Finishing up with “Beer Party” the ska punk sound we heard at the start with lyrical content that should have people singing along with a beer in hand. 
After this was recorded a new guitar player Robbie joined the band, he’s played a few shows now and looks like a keeper. 

The Donald Trumpets are 
Craig – trombone/vocalsSteve – trumpet/vocalsFletcher – bass/vocalsPeter – guitarLuc – drumsLaura – saxophoneRobbie – guitar 



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